From Santa Marta (Colombia)

on 30 Oct, 2020
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Santa Marta (Colombia), 10/30/2020, Colegio de la Presentación.- From Santa Marta they share two videos with us.

Video 1: Charisma of Marie Poussepin: A Face of God. Here are the members of the Board of Directors of La Presentación Santa Marta School, we represent all members of the Educational Community: Parents, Teachers, Students and Alumni. In this year of Grace proclaimed by the Congregation to Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Beatification of Marie Poussepin, we feel called to deepen our understanding of her Charism, to allow ourselves to be imbued with her virtues and to rediscover in her face the features of a woman who reflects the merciful love of God.


Video 2: Charism of Marie Poussepin: Dourdan a light of Hope. In the dynamics of this year of Grace the children of first grade of Primary today are our protagonists, with the inspiration of the artist they paint beautiful works of art that reflect the love that they have for our Founder; they show in them the life, the family and the vocation of Marie Poussepin a light of hope for Dourdan their native city.