Come back, Marie Poussepin, come back

on 08 Nov, 2020
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Manizales (Colombia), 11/08/2020, Sr. Carmen Rosario Medina Alvarado.- Come back, Marie Poussepin, come back.

Come back, Marie Poussepin!, to walk in the fields of the Beauce,
go back to the places, which the Holy Trinity showed you,
return with your openness to Grace, to welcome God's suggestions,
come back woman of praise with your first intuition, and make us vibrate with emotion,
in finding the new paths, which the Congregation must travel.

Come back, Marie Poussepin!, with the divine wisdom that has always lived in you,
come back and guide your daughters, in this path of restructuring,
come back with your infinite wisdom, as a nurse and teacher Presentation,
returns to inspire us, like weaving history according to God's Project,
welcoming the poor who suffer today, illness, hunger, injustice and oppression.

Come back, Marie Poussepin!, to visit with your sisters other mission fields,
come back and help us to look at this new situation with eyes of mercy,
come back with charitable gestures, and guide us how to respond to today's challenges,
return and encourage our missionary spirit, to be on the way out and with prudence,
opening furrows, breaking chains, healing wounds... and keeping hope alive.

Come back, Marie Poussepin!, with your humble, prayerful and reverent attitude,
Come back, so that together we can glorify the creator in a permanent way,
Come back woman of God, and strengthen us in our faith and trust in the Lord,
return in this favorable time, and strengthen our bonds of communion,
to make visible the Dominican Spirituality, living in close relationship.

Come back, Marie Poussepin!, with new actions of compassion and redemption,
Come back with your healing power, with which God and the Church exalted you,
Come back chosen of love, to relieve the ailments of body, mind and heart,
Come back servant of the Lord, and lead us to extend the Kingdom of Christ the Redeemer,
preaching in every nation, that Jesus is the liberating God and our only Lord.
Come back, Marie Poussepin!, to tour the countryside and cities of the Americas,
Come back with the human and Divine wisdom, which the near God dispensed to you,
return Social Apostle of Charity, to spread the seed that flourished in Sainville,
Come back with your prayerful attitude, you bold, persistent and enterprising woman,
and explain to us how to respond, according to God's design in this hour.
Come back, Marie Poussepin!, to the European continent with your original intuition,
insists once again that witnessing to Jesus Christ is our main mission,
come back with your practical advice as a mother, sister, teacher and nurse,
return woman of tender gaze, with your particular insight,
and lead us to proclaim with boldness, the message of Jesus in this time of grace.
Come back, Marie Poussepin!, to sow the seed of love in African people
go back and teach your sisters, to understand the language of God, our Brother,
return guardian of innocence, and leads children and youth to live without lack,
return Worker of Providence to lead us to live the Charism coherently,
to reveal that the Word of God, received in community, is lived in conscience.

Come back, Marie Poussepin!, with your dynamism and ardent charity to Asia and Oceania,
Return like the good Samaritan, to relieve the pain of your brothers, in company,
return with your unwavering faith, and encourage us today, to give a new response,
return and strengthen our fidelity to the Charism as sisters of the Presentation,
living like Mary the project of God, assumed in our consecration.

Come back, Marie Poussepin! to illuminate the dark night of fear and dread,
return with the expectant light, which you received from Jesus Christ the Savior,
return promoter of social action, with overflowing and persevering charity,
come back and help us to transcend borders, with creativity and edifying boldness,
in this time of pandemic, which demands from us constant renunciation.

Come back, Marie Poussepin! with the fresh sap, which leads to go beyond borders,
once again confirms the good use of the media in this era,
send your daughters again, with the strength of the Spirit, to break down walls and barriers,
return with an outstanding accent, to incite each sister of the Presentation
that the extension of the Kingdom is carried out with passion, perseverance and without exclusion.

Come back, Marie Poussepin! to each structure with revealed inspiration,
Return servant of love, with a gentle and delicate touch to guide the Congregation,
return beloved mother, with divine wisdom, to unify criteria of life and mission,
come back and go on pilgrimage with your daughters, in this time of restructuring,
with renewed imagination and innovation, the new routes presented by the Lord.

Come back, Marie Poussepin, come back.