Meeting of Justice and Peace delegates in Cali

on 22 Mar, 2018

Cali (Colombia), 03/22/2018, Participant Sisters.- From March 16 to 19, the Meeting of Delegates of Justice and Peace of the five Provinces of Colombia with the General Delegate was held in Cali.

Our objectives:
  • Reflect on the peace process in Colombia, as a meeting space with a reality that questions us daily and awaits our answers.
  • Communicate the experiences of the congress of Cochabamba: "Water source of life", attended by Srs. Blanca Margarita Duque, general coordinator and Olga Botia, coordinator for Latin America, in Cochabamba (Bolivia).
  • Share the experiences of Justice and Peace of each province.
  • Give an insight to the solidarity projects of each province, share the presentation of Sr. Edilma Ardila from the group of Projects of the Congregation.
  • To know about the work that the Sisters from the Provincie of Bogotá, Maritze Trigos and Teresita Cano, are developing in Trujillo (Valle)on the accompaniment of victims of the massacres in this place, where human rights were violated.

The situation experienced by our Colombian people calls us to a serious awareness of what we really need: convictions based on truth, credibility in the processes and visibility of true peace, which which binds us, brings us together around the tireless search of the common good.

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