Aconcagua: Meeting of Vocational Youth Pastoral Advisors

on 10 Apr, 2018
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Santiago (Chile), 03/20/2018, Srs. Gabriela Vergara and Jeny Patricia Obreque.- On March 17 and 18, in the house of the Delegation in Santiago, the advisory sisters of youth vocation ministry met, with the aim of: Training and encouraging the Advisors in the new youth cultures, to possess greater tools in the development of Youth Vocation Ministry at the local level.

In the first moment dedicated to listening, three young people shared their testimony on the experience of the congregational spirituality, from the perspective of the missionary community, the pastoral education and the parish pastoral. Then, the contribution to the reflection delivered by a young christian sociologist, who through the statistics, and his own experience gave us elements for discernment about our presence in the youth world, introducing us in the complex reality of youth culture today.

In the second moment dedicated to the revision of the exercise, the Youth Vocational Pastoral Project of the Structure was taken back, to bring it to the concrete actions to live during this year. The whole meeting was lived and animated from the perspective of the Word in the light of the text of the Gospel of John 1, 38-39: "Master, where do you live? ... Come and see."