Sr. Véronique Margron: "The victims are our masters"

on 03 Aug, 2018
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Paris (France), 07/29/2018, Extract taken from Le Point, by Jérôme Cordelier.- "What a sharp word like the sword will tear a moral obscurantism, a blind and murderous idealism, a misguided fraternity, what a cutting word in our own communities to recognize our involvement in the effects of evil and break with our still too often defensive reactions." These words are from Sr. Véronique Margron, who has presided over the last two years - she is the first woman in this position - the Conference of Religious and Sisters of France.

She pronounced them on June 11, 2018, in front of 120 religious men and women gathered for a day of sensitization on the theme: "Sexual abuse and pedophilia" This particular day, she wanted to inaugurate it by the testimony of three victims of pedophile priests. "When you start listening," says Sr. Véronique, "you dive into a reality of crime and a number of false questions fall by themselves, those that all too often say," these stories are so old "" those who they come out in want of it to the Church. "... All these ideas do not stand up against the extreme gravity of the subject. I cannot speak of a conspiracy, a besieged Church, we are in tragedy. We are aware of the disaster that has fractured a life." The Church must hear the anger and distress of these people”. “The denial of the faithful can be stronger than that of the ecclesiastics," said Sr. Véronique.

Here we present an interview that Le Point made to Soeur Véronique, where she explains the situation of the victims and what is the current work that the Church makes on this painful issue.