Bucaramanga: Youth Presentation "Yamizlana"

on 15 Sep, 2018

Bucaramanga (Colombia), 09/03/2018, Sr. Luz Karime Mancipe.- On Sunday, September 2nd, at the Gathering Center of “La Turena”, the VII Youth Presentation Yamizlana was held, on the topic: “Young people the time has come.” More than 80 participants came from various communities of the Province and organized by the Sisters in Youth Ministry, Anayibe Flórez y Luz Karime Mancipe.

Yamizlana is a word from an African dialect, meaning “Community Building”. This is what we are all engaged in, what we are and what we have, for the building-up of the Kingdom and of a better world. The event started on Friday, August 31, with the welcome of the delegations that night and their cultural performances to open this great event.

The activity proposed as a goal to close this phase of five years of work in Youth Ministry and to glimpse at the dawn of a new era:
2014: “Marie Poussepin: Apostle of youth today”. Significant action: discussion of young people with sisters from different generations to talk about Vocation in the Church.
2015: “To praise, to bless and to preach: the challenge of youth”. Significant action: A Church "that goes out - Floridablanca Park and makes happy the people there.
2016: “Young champions of the faith”. Significant action: 1st Junior Olympics of faith and celebration of the 800 years of the Order "sent to preach"
2017: “Young Presentation: risks with Christ and takes the first step”. Significant action: 2nd meeting of “Young Presentation” in Medellin and participation in the visit of the Pope Francisco.
2018: "Young people: the time is fulfilled". Meaningful action: youth mission to the new neighborhood of Girón.

And it is precisely this action which marked our time. Young people could not stay with a heart filled with the experience of Jesus alive and keep it to themselves but put it into action as it was done during this process. Sister Eleein Paola Navarro, OP, organized a day of preparation for young people: "the mission is in the heart", and this led us to the neighborhood of new Giron, where we found a pretty cruel reality of poverty, drug addiction and delinquency. There the White Sisters Margarita Duque and Edilma Ardila with a group of leaders, welcomed young people and showed them sites where they would develop a mission.

The mission closed with a concert of praise and prayer with the people we visited, accompanied by the musical groups Holy Fire of the city of Barranquilla and Peace and Good of Santa Marta. We closed this meeting performing the Yamizlana, which is a common construction, where College youth, Sisters and advisers made proposals to continue on this journey with youth from 2019-2023.

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