Pilgrimage from Dourdan to Sainville

on 29 Oct, 2018
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Dourdan (France), 10/29/2018, Dourdan Community.- To commemorate October 14, the birth day of our Mother Foundress, the association « Les amis du couvent de Marie Poussepin » (the friends of the convent of Marie Poussepin) in Sainville had the beautiful idea to organize on October 6, 2018, a pilgrimage on the footsteps of Marie Poussepin from Dourdan to Sainville.

Pilgrimage from Dourdan to SainvillePilgrimage from Dourdan to Sainville

On that day from the parish of Auneau to which Sainville belongs, some laity, youth from the Catechism classes and families arrived in Dourdan by bus at 9 am. A few people from Dourdan and the sisters from our community joined them and all of us were gathered in the courtyard of Maison Marie Poussepin (House of Marie Poussepin). Fr. Luis Romero from the parish of Dourdan reminded us of the rich meaning of a pilgrimage on foot and sent us off.

Some 20 KMs awaited the walkers! A marvelous occasion to praise the Lord under a beautiful blue sky! Our first stop was near Notre Dame de l’Ouye. Then we went through the forest and the fields of Beauce interspersed with stops near the village churches, inviting us to rest, listen to some passages from Marie Poussepin on: Faith, Prayer, Charity, Food for our souls (Devotion to the Word of God, Devotion to the Eucharist and Devotion to Mary) and Works of Charity. Then we continued our walk during which each one was free to meditate on what really touched her, pray personally or pray the Rosary. The pilgrims who wished, could share with one another their impressions, build friendships or strengthen the relationships in an ambiance of joyful relaxation.

At Chatignonville, halfway through our journey, we took the lunch we had brought with ourselves and regained our energy. Father Robert Pembele, parish priest from Auneau joined us to send us off for the second part of the pilgrimage. At 2:30 pm it was a new departure with the arrival of some more pilgrims who joined us for the afternoon walk. Around 5 pm we reached the couvent de Marie Poussepin (convent of Marie Poussepin) at Sainville. We enjoyed a delicious break prepared by the members of the association and some rest. Then we were invited to watch a small video prepared by the association and visit the museum and the big garden… The Eucharist at 6: 30 pm, celebrated by Fr. Sebastien and Fr. Robert, priests from Auneau concluded this magnificent day, filled with sunlight and a lot of joy. The Chapel and the balcony upstairs were full, as more people from around the area joined us for the Eucharist. Near the altar there was a photo of Sr. Marie Therese Perdriault, so much appreciated by the people of Sainville, reminding us of her death a few days earlier.

Were we tired? Of course, but there was a great joy throughout this day enriched with so many simple little things: friendships shared, more intimate knowledge of Marie Poussepin, the beauty along the way we travelled. We owe a big thank you to our friends from the association. A fruitful pilgrimage! Marie Poussepin was certainly present to them and to us. ?

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