USA: Capitular Assembly

on 18 Dec, 2018
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Dighton (USA), 12/01/2018, Sr. Martha Inés Escobar.- Today we ended in the Vice Province of the United States the General Assembly, preparatory work to the General Chapter.

December 1, 2018: Gratitude

It was a beautiful experience with the involvement of all the sisters. In the evening we closed our meeting with a heartfelt celebration. Together we wanted to thank Sister Vimala for the long years at the service of the administration and in a special way for the last ten years at the head of the Vice Province. Sister Luz Amparo Cardenas opened the celebration and thanked Sister Vimala and her team for the work accomplished at the service of all. Each of the team members received a card, a real work of art made by artists who are our own sisters.

An international group of sisters (Spain, Peru, India, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico) presented a dance from India through which they all received something and shared what was given to them. It was at once an offering and a Thanksgiving, with the graceful gestures of the praying dances of India. A game, imitation of a show on TV, this time very American, allowed that the winner of the prize, Sister Vimala, get a trip to India, (It was not the fruit of chance!!!) We all rejoiced with her as it was the occasion to rest and see her family without concern of the daily work and the challenges left behind. We hope that soon she will realize the prize won because on that night it all seemed incredible to her.

Thank you, Sister Vimala. We are all glad of your deserved rest, but we will miss you at the head of our small structure in the daily construction of a Vice Province in peace and fraternity. You can count on our prayer always and we wait for your return to continue advancing together. God bless your journey and your return.

December 4, 2018: Welcome

Last day of our capitular assembly in our Vice Province. After several days of sharing, first with all the Sisters of the Vice Province, and then among the delegates, we reached the end of our meeting. Together we have experienced moments of intense work, but also moments of rest and recreation. Today, to conclude, we welcome the new Vice Provincial, Sr. Marta Inés Toro and her two councilors: Sister Glorina Jugo and Sister Sabithamol Anthoniamma.

After remembering the richness of what we lived in the last five years and thanking God for his presence in our lives, a group of sisters invited us to go even further. With the help of pictures of those who had been provincials, with texts related to their work and with symbols that helped us to situate them, we took a tour of history. We have not only lived five very rich years, but we are heirs to a story from which we receive the richness of a present and the promise of a future. We entrust to the Divine Providence the work of the new Council and offer our support for the good of all and the future of our Vice Province.

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