Award for the commitment to our "common home" in Bello

on 16 Nov, 2019
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Medellin (Colombia), 11/16/19, Nora Inés Fonnegra G..- The city of Medellin is characterized by the projects undertaken to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. In its initiatives, a Corporation called "Colombia Progresses" (in charge of environmental care), drew, among its objectives, to encourage a culture of recycling so that citizens contribute to the proper management and disposal of waste.

Wanting to raise awareness among the students, the Corporation launched a campaign among the public and private educational institutions of the city and its surroundings, the "Environmental Zones". Over two months, the Corporation offered courses for training students to assume the culture of recycling as an option for environmental protection. The Corporation engaged another approach to stimulate the implementation of the knowledge acquired by students by launching a contest for the collection of materials and assortment of the same for recycling. The collected materials were weighed weekly and a score was given to the schools that participated in the contest. At the end of the two months, the school with the greatest amount of recycling materials collected by the students would be rewarded.

The Presentation School, Suarez, was one of 43 schools that responded to this invitation. Participation, continuous effort, healthy competition and enthusiasm were the characteristic notes, not only of the staff of the school and students, but also of the parents and administrative staff of the institution. Everyone made themselves PRESENT at the choice for the protection of "our common home."

And the efforts bore fruit. On November 8th, on the award day, our school was hailed as the outright winner of the contest, thanks to the 18 tons of recycling materials collected. In addition to receiving a significant sum of money as award and educational material, students were able to enjoy various recreational activities. We hope that this learning will allow all members of our educational community to become increasingly aware and cultivate a culture of recycling that we so badly need in this consumer society.

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