Sainville: 25th anniversary of the beatification of Marie Poussepin

on 11 Dec, 2019
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Sainville (France), 12/11/2019, Sr. María Fabiola Velázquez.- At the invitation of Sr. Véronique Margron, Provincial Superior of France, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the beatification of Marie Poussepin, we were more than 100 people on November 23 in Sainville, 25 Sisters and one Novice. There were two Sisters of the Congregation of Saint Paul of Chartres. 

Also participating in this celebration 25 children of Catechesis with their leaders; a few young people, several people who work with us in Sainville, Janville or Dourdan, and a large number of lay people who identify themselves as "the Friends of the Convent Marie Poussepin" (because they are members of the Association which carries this name or because they know us by other means).

The Eucharistic Celebration was presided by Father Silouane, our parish priest accompanied by a deacon. After Mass, all participants were invited to take "the drink of friendship" and 75 people shared the meal with us. Remembering this day, we can say that it was a "true family celebration" in joy, mutual acceptance, recognition of what we inherited from Blessed Marie Poussepin, "Social Apostle of Charity”. 

At the end of the celebration of Mass, we informed people about the upcoming presence of a community in Sainville. When the news was announced, people were very happy and did not stop applauding...


WORDS OF SR. MARÍA FABIOLA: "Is with deep emotion that I will allow myself to make this court speech, here in Sainville, where 323 years ago Marie Poussepin founded our Congregation, and in this same chapel where she so often prayed personally or in the Community, with young people and with lay people. During this day of meeting in this "source place", Sister Véronique Margron, Provincial Superior of France and her Council wished that together we would commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Beatification of Mary Poussepin in Rome, on November 20th 1994, where many of you were present, as myself.

This morning I am simply going to share with you a "reading of Marie Poussepin's Project", which in imitation of Christ, whose "adorable heart burned with love for his Father and for people", in a tireless search for God, overwhelmed by the misery, illness and ignorance she discovers in Sainville, puts herself at the service of her brothers and sisters ... Love of God, love of people, a single contemplative vision commits her to speak to God or to speak of God, through a charity full of mercy and compassion. Charity that will appeal particularly to the poorest, charity that knows how to be inventive, not only to give the necessary help, even essential, but also by providing, above all, the means to support oneself by their own work.

"Blessed Marie Poussepin, Social Apostle of Charity”
Certainly, her charity take hold of the human being in its totality and that it wants to answer these different hunger:
Hungry for bread and knowledge;
Hunger for dignity and gratitude;
Hunger for happiness;
Hunger for truth;
Hunger for God...

To tell the truth, charity has been, throughout Marie Poussepin's life, the secret of her action, the deep motive of all her sacrifices, the cause of all her trials. In the long spiritual journey of the one who has often regarded herself as "the worker of Providence", baptismal grace has assumed all this human given, unifying her being in a higher wisdom, gift of the Spirit. Our Founders fraternally gives us the secret when she says to us: "Keep the presence of God in all your actions, and talk to Him often, speak often of Him, and often renew the intention to do everything for his glory". Yes, there is indeed the secret of a daily life lived in the inner light that is in herself and that lets others see something of the face of Christ.

"Sisters carry wherever they are called, the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Mysteries" (Rules of Sainville XXVII, 1738)


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