Ranking of the Catholic University of Manizales (UCM) in the field of Colombian education

on 10 Feb, 2020

Manizales (Colombia), 08/02/20, Sr. María Elizabeth Caicedo Caicedo, Principal.-On December 9, 2019, the Ministry of National Education granted the High-Quality Institutional Accreditation to the Catholic University of Manizales for four years, through Resolution No. 013600.

It is important to point out that High Quality Accreditation means that the Colombian Government recognizes and makes public the quality of programs, organization, functioning and fulfillment of the role of UCM, as a contribution to the quality of the country's higher education.

Sr. María Elizabeth Caicedo Caicedo, PrincipalSr. María Elizabeth Caicedo Caicedo, Principal

Among the positive aspects highlighted are:

  • The Quality Assurance System that generates strategies and mechanism to support self-assessment processes with a focus on participation of the entire university community.
  • The university education plan that facilitates the comprehensive training of human person from a humanistic, scientific and Christian perspective.
  • The education offered at the institution covering the fields of education, health, engineering, architecture, the humanities and administration.
  • The formulation, evaluation and adjustment of curriculum by encouraging flexibility, internationalization and interdisciplinary.
  • Institutional commitment to declining student desertion.
  • 11 research groups.
  • The institution maintains relationships with higher education institutions through agreements that promote the movement of teachers, students, academic interaction, joint research and cooperation projects.
  • The effect of UCM in the region recognized by its graduates, entrepreneurs and representatives of the city, who show leadership, integrity and commitment of management and its dependencies.
  • Strengthening relations with graduates and participating in the life and processes of the institution.
  • The Department of Well-being in the UCM has a well-maintained policy defined and a broad portfolio of services in socio-economic areas, health, sports, human development and culture, which contribute to the development of integral person.

Congratulations to all in the name of each of the sisters of the local community of the University, for this accomplishment commits us to continue working for institutional coherence, development and growth with UCM's high-quality standards.

We thank Sister Maria Escayola Coris, Superior General, for her close and constant accompaniment to the entire university processes. This is the only institution of higher education in our Congregation, and here we are committed to the integral training of young people. 

We also thank her for her constant companionship on this path to high quality education and we trust that God will continue to accompany us on this journey.