Intercession to Marie Poussepin

on 02 Sep, 2020
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Roma (Italy), 09/02/20.- We are certain that all of us have shown our solidarity with the people who have asked for our prayers through the intercession of Marie Poussepin for the health of their loved ones; that is why we want to share with you the recovery process of little Zyrus Magdamit, from Philippines. 

He left the hospital on March 2 and at that time, his eye sight was very poor or could he walk by himself. It is remarkable that his physical condition has improved considerably during these six months. His vision has improved and he is able to walk by himself. However, he still needs oxygen and medicines; his parents trust that he will soon become a normal child. They are grateful to God and continue to rely on the intercession of Blessed Marie Poussepin. We also want to share with you about the unborn baby who had been diagnosed with serious neurological problems, the child’s condition became complicated and he passed away.

Let us continue to present to the Lord the healing of little Zyrus, through the intercession our Foundress, so that a miracle will heal him and this will not only make possible a public declaration of the sanctity of Marie Poussepin, it will above all, provide an opportunity for a poor family such as this one that "The Social Apostle of Charity" loved to serve, can praise the Lord for the good that He has done to them. Let us turn to Marie Poussepin in our needs and all those who need it.