Santa Fe, Colombia: A Travel in Time "Las Colinas"

on 03 Mar, 2016
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Bogotá (Colombia), 03/03/2016, Sr. Juliana Alejandra Triana Palomino.- In the Institution for Social Work Education "Las Colinas", a group of children from 4 and 5 grades will travel in time and arrive in the seventeenth century to investigate the therapeutic and medicinal practices of the time, practiced individually in a French town called Sainville. During one year, these great researchers will dedicate to learn botanical, chemical, physical and epidemiological terms; they will speak without difficulty on erythrocytes and will illustrate on bacteria and other "invisible enemies", the "asepsis" even pronounced with difficulty, will be a subject for analysis in these small giants of 1.40m tall, with immense desire to learn.

The one who will guide you around in this beautiful process will be the humble, pious and charitable Marie Poussepin, who is simple but revolutionary in the service of Charity, promoted scientific development in the area of health that came across borders. Throughout the year, we will tell you the progress of our happy adventure. For now, we start planting our medicinal plants and is an open invitation for those who want to join this beautiful experience join us every Friday in "Las Colinas". We leave you a gift, the photograph of the of the group agreement to reach Christ through the Merciful Biochemistry through the hands of Marie Poussepin. Until next time!

Province of Santa Fe: Group of students "Las Colinas"Province of Santa Fe: Group of students "Las Colinas"