Steward Health Care Appoints Sister Vimala Vadakumpadan to Board of Directors

on 08 Sep, 2021

Dighton, MA (USA), 09/08/2021, Sr. Karen Champagne.- Sister Vimala Vadakumpadan of the United States Vice-Province was recently appointed to the Steward Health Care’s Board of Directors. Sister has served as Chairperson of the Board of Steward’s Saint Anne’s Hospital, in Fall River, Massachusetts since 2005. Saint Anne’s Hospital was the Congregation’s first foundation in the United States in 1905.

A native of Kerala, India, Sr. Vimala received a Bachelor of Arts in Management from Bhopal School of Sciences in Bhopal, India, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Stonehill College in the United States and a Master of Business Administration from Providence College, in the United States. In addition to serving as Chairperson of the Board at Steward’s Saint Anne’s Hospital, she has served the Congregation as Vice- Provincial Superior in the United States as well as Vice-Provincial Superior in India. Sr. Vimala began her ministry in the accounting department of Saint Anne’s Hospital after teaching high school in Kerala, India.

In making the announcement, Steward founder and Chairman Dr. Ralph de la Torre said, “No one embodies Steward’s sense of mission more than Sister Vimala. It is in large part due to her commitment that Saint Anne’s Hospital, which she has guided for almost two decades, continues to exemplify the highest ideals of patient care. Sister Vimala’s passionate commitment to patient care and social justice has been an inspiration to me and I know she will make a valuable contribution to our board.” Sr. Vimala will join Dr. de la Torre, Founder and Chairman, and four other Board Members.

Founded in 2010, Steward Health Care is the largest physician-owned health care network in the United States with more than 5,500 providers and 43,000 health care professionals caring for 12.3 million patients a year through its global network of hospitals, urgent care centers, skilled nursing facilities and behavioral health services. Based in Dallas, Texas, Steward currently operates 44 hospitals around the world, including 39 across the United States, as well as five internationally within Malta and Colombia.

We congratulate Sister Vimala for this honor and offer her our prayers as she continues to serve the Lord and the Congregation in the Healthcare Ministry.