Presentation Youth Network: a dream that is woven on the way

on 10 Dec, 2021

Medellín (Colombia), 12/10/2021, Sr. Zabrina del Rosario Llanos Bolaños.- On October 21, 2021 the time to journey together arrived: the youth, Sisters and laity; a time to continue believing that dreams can become true, talents can be discovered, and that we can be the life protagonists to serve all people whom we meet. 

The time to weave the Presentation Youth Network had arrived, and under the celebration of the 325 years of life of our Congregation, it became new life for our Charism. There is not a better way to celebrate it than doing it with the youth, knowing that our Mother Foundress always encourages us for this service of charity. The launching in social networks was through the song “Like you, Marie Poussepin” which was a motivation to develop the Charism Week CARAVAN 325! Everything was a favorable occasion to make known what we want through the Presentation Youth Network.

During the Charism Week 325, that took place from October 25 to 30, 2021, it stood out joy, creativity, testimonies and the interchange between young people and the Sisters. It was a propitious atmosphere to know how the missionary zeal and commitment of the Sisters in their mission, have made possible the missionary expansion of the Congregation which gives it its international and intercultural character.

From the beginning, everyone was invited to participate in a travel’s experience, as an opportunity to go out of ourselves to be ready to welcome the newness of encountering as Marie Poussepin did when she traveled from Dourdan to Sainville. The Excursion made known the missionary expansion of the Congregation in the four continents, The Gospel Tour allowed us to share reflections and messages in the light of the Emaus Disciples’s text; The Journey through the Charism allowed us to share the Presentation’s Talents; the Yes’ Adventure was enriched with vocational and missionary testimonies; the Thanksgiving troops was an occasion to worship and to praise Jesus in the Eucharist, for the life of so many Sisters who have devoted themselves in the Service of Charity, and for so many young people and lay adults who have identified themselves with the Presentation family; the Bonfire was the closing of this Week and around the fire of Jesus we reflected on the experience of the Light in our lives. It was enriching to have participation of so many Sisters and young people from different countries.

Now, the question is, what is next for this Network? We want to continue strengthen this process and to reach out more Sisters and youth, so that they may enrich our experience and it becomes a formation space in synodality which will allow us to learn how to walk together. We have already started this adventure, in which each sister is part of it: through prayer, effective support and responsibility, we will make this dream a mission of hope for our Congregation in this charismatic history of 325 years. All of us are called to help weaving the Presentation Youth Network.