India: Mission in Dalmadih, Jharkhand

on 06 May, 2017
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Dalmadih, Jharkland (India), 05/03/2017, Sr. Rosa Mary Kadampattuparampil.- Turbunga Tribal Community development initiative, a child focused community development programme, funded by Sweden ERIKS was inaugurated on March 11, 2017. After “7year” Dalmadih Tribal development Project was successfully and fruitfully completed, the project donors offered this new project as if to say as a token of appreciation for the sincere and dedicated hard work of Sr. Anney Chummar Maniyamkott and her committed team along with the community of Dalmadih.

Child focused community development is a development approach in which children, their families and their communities participate and take ownership of the entire development process that affects children. It enables them to understand that they have the capacity and ability to work together on common issues. Issues when tackled for the greater good would bring out their full human potential. The Child centered approach aims to improve the quality of a child’s life in its own environment in a four pronged manner. Firstly, apart from addressing the needs of children it facilitates participation of the children, their families and communities in the development process. It promotes rights, interests and dignity of children. Meanwhile it strengthens the capacity of their families and communities. Finally it induces them to mobilize resources as much as possible from within the community, the government and other NGOs.
We believe that if a development programme ought to be a child centered one, it could be broadly divided into four key sectors to address the issues, which affect their development:
  • Education
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Livelihood Programmes
  • Building Community organizations

We have to continue to dream of a world without poverty, where every child will have a right to life’s basic necessities – food, water, health care, education and shelter. To realize this dream we have to continue to strive hard to eradicate poverty in general and children’s poverty in particular. Jesus who said, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” and Marie Poussepin “who saw what was right in the sight of God and accomplished it” continue to inspire us.

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Mission in Dalmadih, JharkhandMission in Dalmadih, Jharkhand