Bolivia: 2nd Meeting of the Laity of the Dominicans of the Presentation

on 24 Jun, 2017
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Cochabamba (Bolivia), 07/12/2017, Sr. Socorro García A.- In the casa de retiro Marie Poussepin (Marie Poussepin Retreat House) in Cochabamba-Bolivia the second national meeting of the Laity of the Dominicans of the Presentation in Bolivia took place from June 11 to 12. The delegations from the Departments of La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba participated in this meeting. With great hopes and expectations we shared the joy of the meeting and admired the beauty of the place. At the end of these days of rich reflection, Josué Barra, a laity who came from La Paz had an enjoyable talk with some of his companions:

Group of participantsGroup of participants

Josué: What is your impression about this second meeting?

Fredy Ordóñez (from Cochabamba): There is more interest; the group from La Paz has many who are committed to it. I think that it is very important that we meet with each other and discern the common factors: pastoral activities and commitment in the places where we are: Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and La Paz. In these places, we work with the sisters. We cannot forget that the Spirituality of Marie Poussepin unites us and that we have to think of something bigger than a meeting: national activities as laity; thus, we can share the mission with other laity, sisters and priests.

Josué: How was the day for you? Is it the first time that you participate in it?

Omar Troncoso (Santa Cruz): It is the first time that I came with my wife and I think that it is a very beautiful experience to reflect on the spirituality of Jesus and Marie Poussepin. Besides, as we get to know persons from other places who work in the Church for their brothers and sisters, we realize that we are not alone.

Josué: How did you like the talks?

Omar Troncoso (Santa Cruz): They were profound and reflective. The work as a group helped us to reflect in depth and to clarify doubts. We hope that we will have these meetings more often.

Josué: How did you spend these two days of meeting?

Ruth Alarcón (La Paz): Great! It was an opportunity to know about some new experiences and to share ours with others. I had a very good impression; we, the laity have to grow and learn new forms of evangelization, as each time we get to know Jesus more. I believe that during these two days of meeting we have studied in depth the importance of our mission in the Church and the need to continue working together with religious. Now I feel the need to thank God because it enabled me to bring His Word to others along with our brothers and sisters.