50 years of profession in Colombia

on 16 Aug, 2017
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Bogota (Colombia), 08/05/2017, Sr. Matilde Beltrán Velásquez.- With great joy we witnessed our golden jubilee Sisters who came from the different structures: Aconcagua, Bogotá, Guadalupe and Santafé, get together as a group, review their Life Journey and celebrate the jubilee of their fidelity in Following the Lord.

GOLDEN JUBILEE - 1967 - 2017: Sr. Berta Graciela Acero Gutiérrez, Sr. Brisa María Vargas Cruz, Sr. Carmen Rosa Muñoz Castillo, Sr. Clara Herminia Chavarro Vivas, Sr. Fanny Yolanda Barrantes Muñoz, Sr. Lucía Esperanza, Sr. Lucía Patricia and Sr. Maggy Penagos Bojacá.

The ceremony took place on Saturday, August 5, at 10 am in the Chapel of Casa Central in the presence of Sr. María Escayola Coris, Superior General, Sisters of the General Government and the Governments of the Provinces of Bogotá and Santafé, families and friends. At the Introduction Sr. María Escayola Coris, Superior General invited us to celebrate this feast as a family to thank the Lord for His Fidelity in spite of our weaknesses and to accompany this group who responded to the call of God with faith and audacity, as mentioned on their theme, without being afraid of difficulties.

The Eucharist was concelebrated by five priests and was solemnized by a Choir of Sisters. Fr. Luis Bernardo Mur S.D.B, who presided the ceremony called us to unite our prayer in thanksgiving to the lord who called us out of His love, in spite of our frailties and has been faithful to each one of us. In the homily he highlighted the need to remain always united to Christ, the center of our lives, as an athlete, who sets him/her self up to climb the high mountains, needs constant training to reach there. He also urged us to be alert to the calls of our world that challenges us to work more for Peace, Justice, Solidarity and Preference for those who are more in need.

We thank God for the commitment of our Sisters and the witness of their lives during these past 50 years. We thank Our Lady for her maternal presence. May she touch the hearts of the youth to discover their vocation and respond to the Lord who calls them! 

Lots of prayers and wishes to our Sisters who completed 60 years of their Religious Consecration: Srs. Cristina de la Presentación, Rosa de los Santos, Rosalba Saavedra M., Marina Roa E., Rosalba Prieto P.

After the solemn ceremony, we had a toast in honor of our Sisters, which also helped us to strengthen our bonds of love with families and friends. At noon, all the Sisters enjoyed a delicious lunch with the accompaniment of a special music group. Our heartfelt thanks for sharing so generously! “The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad”. Ps. 125.

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