Open assembly in Los Andes

on 15 Dec, 2017

Lima (Peru), 12/08/2017, Sr. Gloria Eugenia Piedrahita.- Today December 7th, at the School of Jesus, of the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary, 38 sisters from Bolivia and Peru have met in response to the convocation made by the Provincial Government for our Open Assembly. The Morning Prayer, the greeting, and welcome message of Sr. Ofelia Huallpara, Superior Provincial, established what would be our first assembly. It was a day of joy, of information and contributions of ideas.

At the provincial level, we will hold an open assembly during the tenure of the present governing council in order to enhance participation and unity” (Project and Statute. Province of Los Andes. O3. Pag. 31)

P. Juan José Salaverry, OPP. Juan José Salaverry, OP
Fr. Juan José Salaverry, OP, as he talked to us about “Itinerancy in the spirit of the Order”, emphasized that the essential is to be women´s of God. He developed the theme on these four points:

1. Itinerancy and stability
2. Why Itinerancy
3. What are our expectations for the itinerancy, what areas should be assumed?
4. What attitudes should we have?

After an interesting exposition, he ended saying that St. Dominic´s last preaching was his death and it also was his last act of preaching, that the project of St. Dominic rests over our shoulders, we are his stretcher-bearers and this is done by walking. “In faithfulness to the origins” was the following theme presented by Sisters Maria Judith Restrepo and Patricia Avendaño, insight taking in consideration the experience and youth in the Religious life. In the evening, Mons. José Ignacio Alemany Grau, CSSR, presented the Document “Evangelii Gaudium and the Mission” affirming with Pope Francis, that with Christ happiness is born and reborn. At the end of each presentation, the participants were given time to intervene. The emphasis and concerns gave the Assembly its orientation and course of action.

The Eucharist at the end of our work was presided by the Apostolic Delegate of Peru, Mons. Nicolla Girasoli, who invited us to ask ourselves: Where we are at personal, community and provincial level. And from the recognition of this location, leave... After the Eucharist, he had a good time getting to know us. In its simplicity and closeness, we can feel the profound mark of Pope Francis' insistence on returning the family, the Consecrated Life, the Church, to the essentials, to Jesus, to the Gospel.

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