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on 16 Jul, 2020
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Daehwa Dong Cathedral in Uijeongbu Diocese (South Korea), 07/16/2020, Seok Hyeong-su (Joachim).- Month of May in South Korea is called the month of family. We also traditionally pray rosary at home in May. 

Seok Hyeong-su (Joachim)Seok Hyeong-su (Joachim)

A life into Understanding

At a time when the global spread of infectious diseases has caused us many limitations, so most of us, at the home we value rosary even more spiritual. During this crisis, everyone rediscovered and practiced the beauty of praying rosary at home. During these crises of pandemic, my whole family from past few months pray rosary every day, interceding the protection of Mary our Mother. Through praying Rosary, we look at the face of Christ together with the heart of our mother, the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary has woven God's words into our arms and told us of God's wonders in our life. Here's why we're asking the Holy Mother for help.

"Jesus took a child, put him in the middle and hugged him and said to people, anyone who accepts a child like this in my name will accept me. And whoever accepts me is not accepting me, but accepting the one who sent me." (Mk 9:36-37) I would like to introduce this word to you, in the life of the sisters who have come from India far away to Korea to live a missionary life. Sisters’ presence is celebrating its 25th years here in Korea and remembering their founders’ Blessed Marie Poussepin for completing 25years of her beatification. Sisters in Korea amidst of linguistic and cultural difficulties and conflicts have rooted themselves. I have also been associated with the sisters since past 15 years. They run a daycare center for kids and Group Home, and take care of girls. I experience, that the sisters are sharing and living the life of Marie poussepin, who was close to the children to love and care for them. Children from uneven playing field, so as to say from an unhealthy environment come into the care of the sisters. 

As we live in the world, we look at the world and the world see that we are intertwined like threads that are connected to each other. In large part, the relationship between Koreans and Koreans to foreigners is expressed, but the sisters, who are present here, feel that they are not at all foreigners. I feel very close neighbors to them. The Presence of the sisters here is the presence of Blessed Marie Poussepin, because they are living what Marie Poussepin has taught them. "The most important thing in community life is moderation and sharing. It's hard to live together without one of this. It is also a story about being poor… It is a great challenge to be a committed religious.

Jesus said, "Love each other as I loved you"... But it is not easy to love each other like Christ. The lost and unwanted children living with the sisters in Group Home always remind of His love. They share love and happiness like a family, but at the same time it is a difficult task to form them in love to a process of moving from child to youth (especially to adolescence). Nevertheless, the sisters, who have endured 25 years on Korean soil here, will be joined by applause of praise and the glory of God.

"At the side of Jesus' cross stood his mother…" There was nothing they could do about Jesus hanging on the cross. Mary our Mother "Standing by the side with love and compassion for her son" that’s all was she could do. But paradoxically, we can see how great faith in Jesus is in this very act. Not only Peter, who said he would give up his life for Jesus, but also other disciples abandoned him and ran away. Because they were afraid that they would be in trouble, if they were found to know him at the time of his death. But the Holy Mother was standing before the eyes of the ruthless violence and threat of Roman soldiers. “Understand" in English is a combination of "under" and "stand." If you want to understand someone soon, you have to stay under them. Like the Holy Mother, who stands silently under the cross, understands Jesus' death more deeply than anyone else. Blessed Marie Poussepin also had this great virtue of Understanding, that's’ why she was able to live her vision. She understood the pain and agony for her people. And she did it whatever she saw right in the eyes of God. So if we're standing under someone in this relationship of life, all the connections will be untangled. At a time when infectious diseases (Covid-19) are in full swing, we have to move from small families to large, courageous lives of understanding others globally.

After the death of Jesus, the ascension is the completion of the resurrection. The ascension of Jesus brings together the world and heaven, the heavens and the earth, and brings them together. He was crucified and buried, and on the third day resurrected Lord climbed up to heaven and sat on the right side of the Almighty Father of the Holy Father. Let's all live the life of understanding until the day we ascend to heaven.

Awakening into Blessed Marie PoussepinHee-Jin-koo (Theresa of Avila)Hee-Jin-koo (Theresa of Avila)

Prof. Hee-Jin-Koo (Theresa of Avila), (South Korea).- I sincerely congratulate you all on the 25th anniversary of the beatification of Blessed Marie Poussepin and the existence of the community of Dominican sisters of the Presentation in Korea.

25 years in Korea is not a short period but, because of the commitment of the sisters and their presence in the community made it possible. I thank the sisters, who accepted to come to Korea, though you are spreading the charism of Blessed Marie Poussepin all over the world in different parts of the countries. Since past few years I am in contact with the sisters, and I have been able to communicate with the sisters naturally with a deep interest. I was fascinated by the charism of Blessed Marie Poussepin, and began to explore the life of Marie poussepin, through the mission sisters render in our country. I came to know more about the Blessed Marie Poussepin and how she grew in her time, in the surrounding environment in search of the spiritual convergence. Reading her life story, I grew up even more knowing that God had given her special abilities.

To sum up few points of my reflection through the charism of Blessed Marie Poussepin:
◎ A gift that shows spiritual unity through meditation in practice.
◎ Execute organization and administrative affairs with creative responses.
◎ working hard on education with a passionate heart to improve our lives.
◎ A gift of foresight for the Gospel.
◎ A teacher who can gather various opinions and contemplate them hopefully.
◎ Her life deeply-rooted in the Dominican spirituality.
◎ Gifts that Protect Transparency and Tolerance.
◎ The passion for human rights and social welfare, especially for the weak and the poor.

All of this was because of her deep faith in God and her trust. All of this made me respect her, because she had a moderate faith and trust in God. I read in her book that, she shyly said, "God's brilliant shining love," a business that pursues a life of hope, a passionate faith, and a charism that puts love into action.

It shows the need for dedicated service in real life, and her life itself is an evident of her great love for God and people. That’s why I feel that it is important that the activities of the communities around the world continuing and practiced with love and devotion. Marie Poussepin's strong faith helped me to build a strong faith in my life too, with her charism of accepting and executing the call positively to God. Reflecting the life of Blessed Marie Poussepin and imitating her life I learned more about the life of service. Although it is a small service, I offer to the Korean language education for migrants, and the musical instrument lessons to the sisters is my love and devotion to the Blessed Marie Poussepin . By sharing my gifts through music to young students and patients in difficult environments. I even feel that I am working to communicate to God, through spiritual convergence. Lastly, once again, I sincerely congratulate you all the 25th anniversary of the beatification of Blessed Marie Poussepin and to the sisters in Korea for their selfless service to our people and children.