From the Province of Bogotá to Marie Poussepin

on 19 Jul, 2020
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Bogotá (Colombia) / Perico (Cuba), 07/18/2020.- From the province of Bogotá the sisters continue to write to Marie Poussepin.

Marie Poussepin, in the darkness shines like a light

The small town of Dourdan
with its beautiful blue sky,
a nice place to live.
There, October 14, 1653
a girl was born
that lights up the house
of the Poussepin family.

The day of her birth
baptismal waters
are bathed in the forehead of this
new daughter of God;
and as an omen
of love and tenderness
Her name was Marie.

The child grew up,
in an authentic Christian life:
in her family,
that was given values of faith,
work, righteousness;
they will mark her life forever.

Since her childhood
learns at her mother's side
visiting the poor, the sick, the homeless:
to listen to the words of the Gospel,
that make the soup richer,
love and tasty bread.

In this atmosphere, Marie becomes young;
she feels the rigours of war,
hunger, pestilence, misery.
From this calamity, she learns
to fight more vigorously, more systematically
and with greater tenacity.

Marie feels in her soul
the call of mercy
to alleviate misery.

Orphans need a mother...
loving and tender;
young people and women,
they're waiting for advice and work.

The way is open!
Hunger and misery
is waiting for you.
In her mind and in her heart
the words resonate:
"Leave your land and go to the land I will show you."

She leaves her dear Dourdan;
She keeps her most beautiful memories:
the father's house, the parish, friends, history...
A city already fortified,
For organized industry and commerce.
The mission here is already accomplished.

The winter of 1695-96 saw the exodus of Mary,
to go and make the most beautiful dreams come true
caressed and matured for many years;
the fields saw her pass for the last time.
The answer is urgent,
the flame of love burns in her heart.

With a firm step, she enters in Sanville...
Simple and humble village;
From now on it will be their hope,
her vigilance, for the future of the Congregation;
which is inspired by your beloved Lord.

The stone walls
of the Ancient Church
have seen her come and go
through the little side door,
every day for half a century.
For long hours of silence and prayer,
with the religious simplicity of her soul;
she sowed the foundations of the Congregation. 

She began to work for Christian social promotion,
with poor girls with no asylum and no resources.
teaches them to read, write and work,
visiting the sick,
are training their sisters,
strengthens her community.

In order to "carry wherever the Sisters are called
the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his mysteries".

The Lord blesses the work of Marie Poussepin.
The community grows every day
in the works and in the sisters;
the Kingdom of God is expanding,
the founder looks on with gratitude.
God in heaven looks and smiles.

Mother Foundress, we come to tell you,
the concerns that the world is facing today.

Today as yesterday,
the world is suffering.
The earth cries out for your care.
People groan
under the anguish that oppresses them;
pain, hunger, misery, death...
and the destruction of the planet.
Everywhere he goes
the spectrum of the coronavirus,
makes us feel man's helplessness
to fight against it.

The cry of humanity
seems to be drowning in the void,
from one continent to another.
The terrible invisible enemy
it intends to dominate everything.
The world of pain is engulfed
"Where will help come from?"
to answer in a meaningful way
"Help comes from the Lord."

It's not a change of times.
it's a time of change,
that took us by surprise;
Not knowing how to live:
Reinvent, create, drive...
take new ways of
solidarity, work and prayer.

Help us, Mama.
To find paths of hope,
to fight with faith and love.

Hold Mary's hand,
we will see that one day the world will shine...
with a light brighter than the sun itself.

Sr. Ángela Victoria

Thank you Marie Poussepin, because you heard and followed the voice of God

Thank you, Marie Poussepin, for responding to God's call; for following in the footsteps of Jesus; for service in the parish to the sick, children and young people. Thank you because through your charity action made we discover the goodness of God in your testimony of life.

Thank you Marie Poussepin, because you knew how to grasp the presence of God in the Word and in reality; for helping the orphans, the widows, the poor and the sick around you. For the gifts received from God placed at the service of Charity, being all from God and all from your neighbour.

Thank you, Marie Poussepin, for being a Good Samaritan; for welcoming Marie Olivier into your home and for helping those in need; for responding to God's call to found the Community; for following the spirituality of Dominic and the charism of Charity.

Thank you, Marie Poussepin, for your exemplary life in works and actions; for your tenderness and vigilance towards children and young people; for instructing us in the virtues that bring us closer to God; for imitating the Blessed Virgin Mary and for placing the Congregation under her protection

Thank you, Marie Poussepin, for perpetuating through your daughters the love and service of God in generous and unreserved dedication. Thank you because you allow us to transmit the charism received and you invite us to welcome the newness that the Spirit arouses today.

Thank you Marie Poussepin, because you saw what was right in God's eyes and you accomplished it; for communicating life and hope to humanity; for the basic regulations of our legislation that bring us closer to the Gospel; thank you for your daughters, the Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation.

Thank you, Marie Poussepin, for your sweet and loving eyes, like guiding light on the road; because with your hands of dedication you are pointing out to us the goal that will lead us to the encounter with Jesus Christ our Friend, our Brother, our Absolutely.

Thank you, Marie Poussepin, for forming us in faith, hope and charity; for the three centuries of proclamation of Jesus Christ and his mysteries; because we are celebrating 25 years of recognition of your beatitude as the social Apostle of charity, through work.

Thank you, thanks, Marie Poussepin, for not having reserved anything for yourself, to give glory to God, for walking in the footsteps of Jesus in the joyful and loving service of your brothers and sisters. Let us, like you, see what is right in the eyes of the Lord and fulfill it with love and faithful dedication in the today of our history.

Marie Poussepin, accompany our journey.
Intercede for us. 

Sr. Gladis Rodríguez Estepa - Perico Community - Cuba