God's creative footprints in the world

on 22 Jul, 2020
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Manizales (Colombia), Sr. Luz Enith Ramírez Rodríguez, 07/22/2020.- My drawing is inspired by the Exercise of Charity that each of the sisters did, guided by the Spirit we respond to the calls of the poor with creativity and joy. We see in the drawing Marie Poussepin with the world in her hands that presents God, and on the way she finds several people who carry in their hands something that represents their talents and the diversity, Charisms that God has given them and that they put at the service of the Church; also we can to see a sister who is constantly out and about in reality, she to in turn, welcomes them, accompanies them and walks with them, makes the announcement of God, shows new horizons where there are possibilities of growth and promotion for all and most importantly proclaims a God who loves us endearingly.

Green mountains are a sign of hope, but, also sign of the encounter with the one who we know loves us and as a fruit of this encounter must be the love we must give to our brothers.

The colours in the background represent unity and communion in diversity and a Provident God who gives us his graces, who is always with us and who as the finest sculptor is polishing his work of art with love, work that is authentic and beautiful in their eyes.

May the Virgin Mary, model of fidelity and gift, lead us to her Son Jesus and Marie Poussepin will continue to accompany us, so that, following her example, we can extend the Charism and the kingdom of God to all our brothers and sisters.