WITNESSES: Sr. Maria Núria Gaza

on 16 Aug, 2020
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Barcelona (Spain), 08/16/2020, Sr. Maria Núria Gaza Juvé.- I was General Councillor when we received the news of the beatification, it was a very good news for the whole government team and for the Congregation. We set to work to organize the event.

Sr. Maria Núria Gaza currentlySr. Maria Núria Gaza currently

First, Sister Ines Mercedes Mejia went to Santa Sabina to visit Bro Innocenzo Venchi, OP. (recently deceased), he was the postulator of the cause. He explained some of the details to be considered. There were four Dominican causes which were in the same order as Marie Poussepin. Who must be beatified first? After a time of mature reflection, it was decided that all four would be beatified on the same day.

The Congregation had held its General Chapter in the summer of 1989. Convening the chapter would be a good opportunity to put the day of the beatification not far from this event, to avoid expensive travel.

We studied to whom we would ask to review the life of Mother Poussepin in order to publish a triptych, we would publish a prayer picture to Marie Poussepin in the three languages that we use most in the congregation.

Accommodation had to be found for the sisters who were to attend the beatification. Il Rosario community and the General House could accommodate a large group, but not all those who were to arrive in Rome. The house of the Sisters on Monte Cucco welcomed the rest of the people. The lunch on the day of the beatification would also be at the Monte Cucco house.

On the eve of the beatification, there was a forum at the Agustinianum on Marie Poussepin where various speakers participated. Early in the morning of November 20, the Sisters were preparing to go to the Vatican in order to have a good place. After the beatification, some Sisters went to greet the Holy Father in the name of the General Government: Sisters María Fabiola Velásquez, Inés Mercedes Mejía, Leonor Avellaneda and Catherine de la Présentation.

On the afternoon of November 21, a Mass of thanksgiving for the beatification was celebrated at Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, in which we renewed our vows. This celebration was attended by many French pilgrims who came from Sainville and the surrounding area. Also, the Ambassador of France to the Holy See participated. With this ceremony, the celebrations of the beatification in Rome came to an end.

Now we must wait for the canonization of our foundress, and we hope that we will not have to wait many years to celebrate it.