Guadalupe: We walk with God in history

on 12 Apr, 2018

Mexico, 10/04/2018, Sr. Evelyn Guadalupe Córdova.- For a year and a half the Province of Guadalupe, decided to live a time of grace, through a Provincial Diagnosis, where it was possible to stop to look at the historical journey looking for weaknesses and strengths that will help us to resurge in our missionary being.

The idea arose from provincial questions about Vocation Ministry and the proposal to let ourselves be accompanied by an external person was born in order to see what we do not see. That was how, with the acceptance of all, we launched into this experience, accompanied by Dr. Maria Luisa Aspe, a specialist in history. This experience led us to discover that we still need to talk about our own history as a province and identify with it. We also find wounds that stalled us at some point in reality, however, we have strengths that we must continue to promote, including a strong congregational identity: rooted in Christ according to the Charism of Marie Poussepin.

To follow up on the reality found, we were given a Forgiveness Workshop and an Assertive Communication Workshop, guided by César Vargas and Enrique de la Vega, specialists in Human Development, who gave us tools for personal, community and provincial growth in these issues. . The experience of the workshops has led us to a shared effort in the common language of fraternity, the freedom to express ourselves without fear of prejudice and the acceptance of both.

The road continues this year 2018 we propose to recover a part of the history of the province through the narration of our sisters who lived the experience. We are interviewed and interviewed in order to listen and discover how the Lord has manifested and will continue to manifest itself in history. So we have two other Human Development workshops scheduled, that we will live in open assembly to continue the process started and continue communicating to the world, that Christ lives in us. The Province of Guadalupe, we are a small structure that, like the People of Israel, we were invited "to leave Egypt" to walk towards the "promised land", the Province that we all hope for.