Honduras: First Religious Profession of Sister Glenda Leticia Ortiz

on 29 Oct, 2019
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Guaimaca (Honduras), 29/10/2019, Sr. Marta Inés Escobar.- October 13th was a day of grace and joy for the Honduras communities as well as for the United States Vice- Province. After sharing life with the Sisters in Honduras and in Dighton for three years, Sr. Glenda was accepted to make her first profession.

Ten Sisters gathered to accompany Sr. Glenda on this day. Four Sisters from Tegucigalpa, five from Guaimaca, and Sr. Marta Ines Toro who arrived from the United States to receive Sr. Glenda’s vows. The day stars moving at 6:00 am to decorate the church, to welcome the guests, and the members of the Saint Rose of Lima Parish. The liturgy of the day invites us to an act of thanksgiving for all the Lord has done in our lives, and especially in the life of Glenda. As the sisters and the celebrant enter in procession the parish choir sings “The Presentation of Mary.”

Profession of Sister GlendaProfession of Sister GlendaBefore the homily we listened to a dialogue between Sr. Glenda and Sr. Marta Ines Toro. Sr. Glenda expresses her availability to the Lord and asks for her admission in the Congregation. After the Creed, Glenda pronounces her vows that unite her to the Congregation. It is with great joy that the Community of Sisters respond with the Suscipe. The Eucharistic liturgy begins with a presentation of the offerings, with the participation of our secular associates, the Christian community and Glenda, who presents the Constitutions as a simple of her commitment. We conclude our celebration with the Dominican hymn, We Praise, We Bless, We Preach.

At the end of the Eucharistic celebration everyone was invited for refreshments and an opportunity to share with the newly professed and guests. Following this the Sisters moved to the house and prepare to welcome all the guests invited for a fraternal sharing. These included Sister Glenda’s relatives and friends; some parishioners of Las Casitas Parish in Tegucigalpa, Lay Associates, and collaborators in our mission in Guaimaca. It was a time of joy and thanksgiving.

May the Lord continue to Bless Sister Glenda and keep her faithfull. May our two Honduran Sisters be seeds of new vocations in our Congregation.




By Sr. Teresa Maria Abelló

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