We welcome the “Petites Soeurs Dominicaines” to our Congregation and the celebration of the Jubilee

on 16 Aug, 2021
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La Grande Bretèche, Tours (Francia), 08/16/2021, Sr. Martha Mendieta.- At the celebration of the feast of St. Dominic Guzman, we had a special flavor this year as we joyfully welcomed the PSD sisters who has become part of our Congregation from today. Four of them: Sr. Françoise Romatif, Sr. Geneviève Petit, Sr. Dominique Peiffer y Sr. Brigitte Ménager, participated in the annual retreat at the La Breteche organized by the Province of France from August 1 to 7.

During the celebration of the Eucharist, in the Chapel of our Mother House, Sr. Maria Escayola Coris, Superior General, called them forward and offered each one of them a cross, by which they will be identified from now on, Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin. The Spirituality of St. Dominic inspires us to continue together on the path of following the Lord and announcing the Good News of the Gospel.

All the structures of the Congregation were present at this celebration through their messages of warm and fraternal welcome. This gesture of communion was greatly appreciated by Sr. Françoise Romatif and her sisters.

At the same time, we joined in thanksgiving to God for the Jubilee of our sisters who celebrated 25 years of their profession: Sr. Anne Lécu and Sr. Scholastique Nayabzanga Bei (General Councilor) and 60 years of profession: Sr. Marie Françoise Neau and Sr. Marie Geneviève du Rosaire. We joined spiritually with those who, for reasons of their health or due to long distance, were unable to participate in this celebration.

We thank God for continuing to make history with us. We entrust our Congregation to His hands and ask him that the example of St. Dominic and of Blessed Marie Poussepin continue to inspire us with enthusiasm to Proclaim the Gospel in the exercise of Charity.

La fête de Saint DominiqueLa fête de Saint Dominique