"Like you, Marie Poussepin"

on 31 Oct, 2021
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Barcelona (Spain), 10/31/2021, Sr. Conchi García.- Sharing what we are is one of the great gifts that we can give each other and, of course, that we can offer to God. Recognizing what God has placed in us is a step that brings us closer to the Father's will. The gifts we have received are to put them at the service of others, and that is how we can get a little closer to God who loves us so much. We thank Sister Eleein Paola for sharing with all of us, with the Congregation and with so many people who are sensitive to Marie Poussepin’s gaze.

Her music helps us, it moves us inside, that is why her song "Like you Marie Poussepin", created for the Presentation Youth Network, is one more expression that Marie Poussepin is still alive among us... as she affirms and shares: «Music has allowed me to reach the hearts of many people and encourage them to live in the way of Jesus Master”. "Like you, Marie Poussepin" is a song born from the vital connection with the charism and with the vocational youth ministry. It is the fruit of encounter, gratitude and commitment to make this world: "Another possible world"; animated by the audacity and strength of Marie Poussepin's charism that today continues to be a proposal of meaning and human fulfillment for all. This song is a gift to the youth Presentation and to each sister who, like Marie Poussepin, bet on life, hope and love.»

Thank you sincerely for giving what you have within you, we rejoice in all the good that we have in the Congregation, which is a lot!