Marie Poussepin Maternal School, Port Prince: “What you give to the children is what they will give to society”

on 18 Mar, 2022
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Port Prince (Haïti), 03/18/2022, The Sisters of the community.- The Dominican Sisters of the Presentation and the educative community of the Marie Poussepin Maternal School in Haiti, live with the Haitian people the harsh reality that affects them: Political crisis, violence, insecurity, kidnapping, corruption, misery, high cost of living, covid 19, natural phenomena, gangs groups in the neighborhood … among others.

This situation neither helps the country to advance nor facilitate the development. Facing this reality, in our institution we have been always concern about the quality of education and integral health of the children between 2 and 5 years old in the area of Croix des Bouquets in Port Prince.

The initiative has been taken since the beginning of the school to involucre their parents as the first educators of their children. This participation has been very positive in the advancement of children at all level. The sense of belonging of the parents, their accompanying and their support for everything that the school does, show that the school is able to offer activities to promote the participation of children looking to make of them the gestors of a new society. The Sisters and the staff that work in the Marie Poussepin Maternal School are convinced that if we give joy to the children, they will give joy, if we offer affection and tenderness, this is what they will give to the society.

The Haitian children are currently the great challenge to make Haiti to change and become a country where it is possible to live in harmony and peace, not with the stress and anguish of so many families today. Our children had embodied the spirit of Presentation: Piety, simplicity, and work and above all they are developing the spirit of belonging and the love for their school. Our educational project wants to warranty that the children would exercise the right to survive, to produce, to develop values such as joy, honesty, respect, sense of ecology, solidarity, nutrition and development, sense of responsibility and love for their country.

This is the time to thanks all the sisters, and all the persons of good will that had helped this project to go forward. Always our feelings of gratitude for their support.