Santa Fe: First meeting of Means of Social Communication, for the service of Evangelization

on 17 Apr, 2016
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Santa Fe de Bogotá, 03/19/2016, Sr. Leidy Viviany Moreno Garzón.- On Saturday March 19th at the Provincial House, the first meeting of Means of Social Communication was held under the leadership of Sr. Juliana Alejandra Triana Palomina and Sr. Leidy Viviany Moreno Garzon. The aim of this meeting was to let the participants get to know the Project of MSC of the Congregation. At the same time we made use of the occasion to teach the Sisters who were present about the different updates and social networks which are present in the world of cyber nets and which are available for us for the service of Evangelization.

We also had some time for group reflection. We motivated the Sisters on how as Province or as Church, we can enter in this culture of the means of communication, in which we cannot “be left behind.” We need to update ourselves in this valuable field of the MSC.

Sr. Juliana Triana in her conference “Networks and the Gospel”, by referring to the Gospel according to Luke 5: 4-6, invited the participants to throw their nets. She explained how the present networks and social networks can make us go deeper into ourselves in this sea of possibilities that the MSC offer us, how we can reach out to persons, how we can evangelize and how we can speak of God or share a sentence from the Gospel. This is the world of our society, we do not have to run away from it, but on the contrary we must be part of it.

“Faith and Spirituality are not expressed by one symbol alone”