Ecuator suffered the consequences of an earthquake with 7.8 degrees

on 20 Apr, 2016

Quito (Equator), 04/19/2016, Sister from the Community of Quito.- The Sisters from Equator: situated in the Province of Machala: Community of San Cristóbal -Cuenca, Ponce Enríquez and Quito, Province of Pichincha, are grateful to God the Father of all goodness who in His great mercy, in spite of the earth tremor and great shock, protected us from any loss or pain due to the earthquake that took place on April 16, 2016 at 06:58 PM with a magnitude of 7.8 degrees, causing damages to five provinces of Equator: Esmeraldas, Manabí, Los Ríos, Santa Elena, Guayas and Santo Domingo de los Shachilas.

EcuadorEcuadorAmong the peoples who were most affected are Pedernales, where most of the constructions were collapsed and hardly two or three buildings remained. In the city of Portoviejo, capital of Manabí, almost all the constructions of commerce and banking in the city center collapsed, while in the tourist center of Manta, various hotels were reduced to debris. The number of the victims increased each day, up to 413 dead till now. About 2000 persons are injured due to the teorrible earthquake. Some religious communities like Siervas del Hogar de la Madre and the Mercedarias suffered the havoc of the earthquake with the loss of some sisters and postulants who were preparing for the beginning of the school year.

The roads were cracked, which prevents communication and access to some places; the means of communication were collapsed in some places and there is no drinking water. They are on the way to an epidemic due to the unhealthy environment. The whole population of Equator came out to the streets and expressed their solidarity, not only economically but by supplying provisions and food to the Coastal area of Equator. Moreover, we felt the solidarity of different countries through rescue experts who were part of the rescue commission; we highlight the help offered through provisions brought to the country.

The earthquake in Equator caused pain, sadness and desolation which were experienced in one way or another by la Sierra which suffered material and human destruction in a lesser degree. Faced with this great pain, people have not lost their faith in God which is the strength of the people. It enables them to continue their struggle for life and go ahead. As Ecuadorians, they have shown their unity and commitment to help those who are very much unprotected. Public and private institutions have motivated a campaign to collect provisions, especially water and canned food. We wish to thank the sisters of our Province who have been present to what occurred in the country and also the different provinces who in one way or another have been present through their calls and messages.