Medellin: Accompanying the youth

on 26 Apr, 2016
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Medellín (Colombia), 03/15/2016, Sr. Magnolia Sánchez Valencia.- During the months of February and March, we began the ministry with the youth in our educational Institutions. The Principles and those directly in charge of the youth groups helped us. They are well motivated for the work planned for the year.

MedellínMedellínStudents, Sisters and teachers are very committed and want to respond to this call not just in the Institution but also in the whole Church. Pope Francis wants that the youth be accompanied to find Christ in their life and that we be able to get involved with the Pastoral of youth in Latin America and El Caribe in order to help them discover, follow and commit themselves to Jesus Christ and His message. Thus, be transformed and become new persons committed to build the new civilization of Love. (Celam)

We thank our Principals, Sisters and Teachers for their concern and help that made this project possible through the Youth Groups.