Bogotá & Santafé: Day on Mission

on 27 Jul, 2016
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Bogotá (Colombia),06/18/2016, Sr. Matilde Beltrán.- The Provinces of Santafé and Bogota jointly celebrated a day on Mission, presided over by Sr. Berta Graciela Acero and Sr. Fanny Yolanda Barrantes. Around one hundred fifty sisters came together to give thanks and to put into the hands of God, our service of charity, in the different places of our mission.

Sisters Berta Graciela and Fanny YolandaSisters Berta Graciela and Fanny YolandaThe meeting place was in the Coliseo of the School of the Presentation, Sans Façon, where we began with the celebration of the Eucharist, presided over by our chaplain, Fr. Luis Alfredo Castellanos. Through the liturgy of the day he invited us to contemplate and to learn from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, how to be like her, as witnesses of mercy in each one of our places of mission and to be fill of God to serve others.

After a short rest, the coordinating team explained the dynamics of our day for a Carnival of Mercy. The provincials placed a garland of welcome on each of the participants who were distributed in fourteen groups, according to the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Each group had time for integration, reflection, the sharing of abilities and skills, to prepare in a creative way the work of the corresponding mercy and to present it in a parade of “exhibits”. Beforehand, a jury was appointed to judge the creativity, the joy, participation, organization, punctuality, solidarity, practice of the work of mercy and other aspects of sharing.

The putting in common began with the presentation of the chorale made up of sisters from the Community of San Jose de Chía, of the province of Bogota. The parade of “exhibits” was scheduled for after lunch, but seeing that some groups were ready with their presentation, they began early. The artistic entertainment, dances, queens and pageantry were all works worthy to admire. After lunch, the parade of “exhibits” continued and then we had the distribution of prizes, according to the group’s initiative, talents and communitarian abilities, and above all, their positive attitude, work and dedication. We gave thanks to the sisters of the two provinces, for their warm response to this call of integration and coexistence that enabled us to value each other once again.

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