Santa Fe: 110 years of the Presentation School at Fusagasuga

on 15 Nov, 2016
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Fusagasuga (Colombia), 11/11/2016, the Community of Education at the School.- A great celebration of the 110 years of the existence of the Presentation School was held on October 27 and 28, with grateful recognition from the civil authorities, the Church of Fusagasuga and the accompaniment of the Province of Santafé.

110 years of the Presentation School at Fusagasuga110 years of the Presentation School at FusagasugaA little bit of history
The Congregation began its mission in the city of Fusagasuga-Cundinamarca with the foundation of the Presentation School in 1906. On January 6, of the same year, Mother Marie Gertrude, the first Provincial Superior sent Sister San José de la Cruz as Superior, and Sisters Enriqueta, María Amelia and Justina de la Cruz as members of the community. The Sisters arrived at Fusagasuga in extreme conditions of poverty.

From 1906 to 1941 the education given at the school was focused on Christian education for the women of Fusagasuga, offering them studies in reading, writing, nursing and economics, English, French and other activities which were useful for the young people of that time. From 1942 to 1947 the school taught entry levels in Commerce and then the school changed its emphasis from Commerce to “Normalista” (preparation for teachers).

In 1962 the school received approval for the 3rd and 4thgrades. In 1964 it received approval for a basic high school education, and in the same year the present building was constructed. In 1976 approval was granted to offer a “classical” high school education. During this year the school offered to the civil society and the Church its first graduating class of high school students (12 young women). During this time there were many vocations to religious life in different communities. In 1975, a program with a technical and commercial orientation was begun but it lasted only till 2002. In 1994 the school succeeded in obtaining the best record in the National Exam for High School Students (ICFES) in the country. In 2005, the school began the process for its certification in quality.

The centenary of the foundation was celebrated in 2006 and the school was recognized by the Municipal Council, The Assembly of Cundinamarca and the Congress of the Republic as a leader institution in its commitment for the transformation of society. In 2013 the school got the certification as a European Model of Quality, for excellence in the service of education. Up to the present, we continue to offer a quality education which places us among the most prestigious institutions in the department, thanks to the high level of excellence and up-to-date scientific and investigative processes. 

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