From Curundú (Panama)

on 02 Apr, 2017

Curundú (Panama), 03/29/2017, Sr. Ángela María Vélez.- To see the growth of a project fosters hope in those who enthusiastically gave life to it and decided on each one of the processes that promoted the integral development of its beneficiaries.

Curundú is a vulnerable neighborhood, situated on the outskirts of Panama City, where our sisters have been present at Marie Poussepin Educational Institution for more than 50 years. The surroundings were the places chosen for garbage disposal, disputas, clashes of criminal gangs etc. Today, thanks to the determined commitment of the Sisters to improve their living conditions; they have become places of peace and coexistence and education, which offer integral formation and guarantee the well-being of more than 600 children and their families...

Once the facilities of the Institution were upgraded, the adjustments for the Sister’s house followed... This is a place where every day, the blessing of God converts the mission that the Community performs, into an authentic and genuine Service of Charity. During the canonical visit to the five local communities situated in the different regions of Panamá, the blessing of the house for our Sisters in Curundú took place. Our Sisters had been present in this suburban area since Marh 28, 1965. Sr. Blanca Aurora Marín Hoyos, General Councillor made the visit. The intercommunity assembly was presided by Sr. Maria Escayola Coris, Superior General who was accompanied by Sr. Ángela María Vélez Restrepo, Provincial Superior. They visited the School and the Community as they participated in the celebration for the inauguration and blessing of the house.

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March 2017
El Gob. Gen. en Curundú (Panamá)El Gob. Gen. en Curundú (Panamá)