Medellin: "El Rosario" Clinic, power for humanization

on 19 May, 2017
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Medellin (Colombia), 04/20/2017, Sr. Adith Sofía Escobar Mora.- The Health Sector in Colombia goes through difficult times, but El Rosario Clinic in its desire to provide a high quality service to its users, with a humanized, comprehensive, efficient and safe care, planned the construction of new areas on the ninth floor of the Headquarters Medical Tower. 

El Rosario ClinicEl Rosario ClinicTo concentrate much of the outpatient services in a specific area. Where will be the services of:  -Gastroenterology. -Cystoscopy. - Pulmonary Therapy. - Chemotherapy.
These new areas will allow the patients and their families direct access to the services, ample spaces and the comfort that they deserve for an adequate attention. In this way, El Rosario Clinic not only strengthens its physical facilities physical, but also its intellectual team with professionals trained in these specialties. 

The El Rosario Clinic, Tesoro Headquarters, is a health institution for the city and the country. And with the expansion of these services, it confirms its commitment, not only with physical well-being, but also transcends all dimensions of the human person to assure its users: Integral Care.

On April 17, the chaplain of the clinic blesses each of the facilities that will be available to the users of the services mentioned above, a medical team and health care staff, of high human quality, who only wants the well-being of Users and recovery of their health.

El Rosario ClinicEl Rosario Clinic