Haití: Bankomunal, finance for the poor

on 27 May, 2017
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Puerto Príncipe (Haití), 05/20/2017, Sr. Gloria Inés Gonzáles.- Bankomunal is a financial program of solidarity to offer assistance for the persons who lack economic resources to begin profitable projects. This Project is used in San Carlos Borromeo School in Puerto Príncipe (Haití), a favorable place for a pilot experience. Actually there are four groups which have enabled about 100 families to solve their difficulties and better their financial situation.

Its methodology is simple and the documents to be formulated by the group are done in such a way that the members have control of the bank. They assemble monthly to give reports, buy stocks and lend without interest with the authorization of another member. The money collected by selling of stocks, payment of fines for absence or delay of payments constitutes the capital. The loans are given according to the shares that each member has and the purpose for which it will be used. 
Motivated by this idea of financial innovation in solidarity, the school applies this project to two groups. The first Bankomunal called “TET ANSANM” was created on April 5, 2016, composed of 22 women dedicated to informal commerce. They, students of the alphabetization program for the adults, began with a capital of 27 USD and now have 617 USD. It is demanding to run it in such a way that the total amount of money is circulated as loans with quality.
The second Bankomunal is called “L’UNION’’; this is composed of 25 persons: professors and students from the school. They come together on the first Saturday of each month; began with a simple saving and the capital is still growing. Seeing the progress of these groups, two new groups were formed with persons from the neighborhoods of the school: “TIPA-TIPA” from the residential areas called Villa Colombia and Escalabrini and “COLECTVE” from Corail, zone of the refugees of the earth quake.

Formation and accompaniment are needed to learn and assimilate this methodology with flexibility and better clarity. At present, the creation of these groups is offering to the poor persons a new vision on finance.

Haití, BankomunalHaití, Bankomunal