Santafé: Online Radio

on 13 Jun, 2017
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Bogotá, D.C (Colombia), 06/13/2017, Sr. Juliana Alejandra Triana Palomino.- “Predicando ando. ¡Sencillo y normal!” (Go, Preach. simple and ordinary!), is the name for the Project of the Means of Social Communication (MSC) for the service of preaching in the Province of Santafé. It looks for new means to bring the Good News of Jesus to all the corners of the world.


Simón Triana, seminarian CJMSimón Triana, seminarian CJM

For this, the provincial team for MSC invited the Seminarian Simón Triana, of the Community of the Eudist Fathers, who is an engineer in telecommunications. On Saturday afternoon he shared with us in the Provincial House his knowledge in the area of Radio through Internet or Online Radio and taught us to use some important instruments so that the Province can begin to enter into this means of communication.

A total of 9 Sisters from eight local communities received basic formation on the requirements for electronic devices and computer programs which are needed to develop a Radio Project through the Internet in the best way. It became evident for us that it is possible to attain such an objective with the computer resources that we have at our disposal and a moderate economic investment. What is important now is to define concretely the type of audience to whom we desire to reach out and the central theme that we are going to develop. With great delight we share with you our advances and we hope that in the not very distant future, we will be able to invite you to tune in our radio program through the Web.