13 Jun, 2017
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Bogotá, D.C (Colombia), 06/13/2017, Sr. Juliana Alejandra Triana Palomino.- “Predicando ando. ¡Sencillo y normal!” (Go, Preach. simple and ordinary!), is the name for the Project of the Means of Social Communication (MSC) for the service of preaching in the Province of Santafé. It looks for new means to bring the Good News of Jesus to all the corners of the world.

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12 Jun, 2017
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Cochabamba (Bolivia), 06/11/2017, Sisters of the Community of Marie Poussepin, Puntiti.- "Based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, we assure that one’s conscience is over and above unjust laws because evil continues to be evil even if a law permits it to continue. The last word on this point resides in each person and it is our moral responsibility to protect and to ensure the right to conscientious objection", said the Bolivian Conference of Catholic Bishops.
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11 Jun, 2017
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Venezuela, 06/11/2017, Sr. Nícida.- The experience we are living during these days of protests, where the repression is getting worse every day, there is also a desire of fighting for a free Venezuela from the Venezuelans. This is part of our daily life. Faced with this reality, I contemplate and I ask myself: Is Venezuela a question of Justice and Peace? Because many opponents and government officials go out for you, they shout for you, they organize for you...

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