09 Apr, 2020
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Brownsville, Texas (USA), 04/09/2020, Sr. Sindi Bardales.- The Congregation asked us to use our creativity and it occurred to me to make this poster.

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08 Apr, 2020
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Manizales (Colombia), 04/08/2020, Sr. Leidy Johanna Aristizábal Padilla.- I was aware of the invitation that they made in recent days to share some creative and / or significant production for the celebration of the Year of Grace of the Beatification of our Mother Foundress. I want to share a song that I wrote last year contemplating the life of faith of Marie Poussepin and what it means to me. We recorded the song in the novitiate to finish our initial formation process, with my four companions and two lay women, who were the ones who put the music to the lyrics. 

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07 Apr, 2020
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Barcelona (Spain), 04/07/2020.- Today with a photo just sent by Sr. Teresa Maria Abelló from Guaimaca (Honduras) we offer you this poster. The drawing is a part of the mural painted by Sr. Paula Morrissette. 

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