29 Dec, 2023
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Tours (France), 12/29/2023, MCS Team.- On December 27, the province of France began its chapter assembly and on the 28th the province of Spain, which had already arrived at the Mother House. They shared respectively and separately the Report of each structure to join on December 29, presided by Sister. Maria Escayola, superior general, who appointed the government of the new province of Europe.

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21 Dec, 2023
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Paris (France), Sr. ANNE LÉCU, December 24, 2023.- Let the angel go.

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19 Dec, 2023
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"Llega tu luz, la gloria del Señor brilla sobre ti" /

« Ta lumière vient, la gloire du Seigneur resplendis sur toi » /

"Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you" (Is 60, 1)

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