10 Feb, 2023
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Barcelona (Spain), 02/10/2023, Sr. Conchi García and Sr. Ana Isabel Pérez.- On February 7, in the community of Bellafila - "Projecte Maria, Reina de la Pau" of Barcelona, took place the presentation of the book "Curar (y cambiar) la Vida Consagrada", written by our Sister Gemma Morató i Sendra and published by Editorial del Perpetuo Socorro.

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08 Feb, 2023
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Bogota (Colombie), 02/08/2023, Sr. Nubia Yanet Chávez.- To remember these 150 years since the arrival of the Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation in Colombia is to recognize the merciful presence of God in the history of so many people who have been reached by the Charity of Marie Poussepin in this beloved land. Like our sisters said 150 years ago: "We greet with enthusiasm this beautiful land that will be our new Homeland and where God has sent us to make it known and loved" (Taken from the Book The Presentation in Colombia Volume I, Sr. Rosa de Lima)

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01 Feb, 2023
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Casa Santa Ana-Șcheia (Romania), 02/01/2023, Sr. Victoria Balteanu.- In Șcheia, a town of Alexandru I. Cuza, in the diocese of Iasi in Romania, a Psychopedagogical-Speech Therapy Center for underprivileged children has been inaugurated. This center is in a completely renovated house, called “Casa Santa Ana”. This work has been possible thanks to the collaboration and help of many people and especially the members of the Adara Association, which was created to help children with difficulties in learning. The house was blessed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Iasi, Msgr. Iósif Paulet, on January 25, 2023.

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