23 Jan, 2021

"Men and women of the Church in the heart of the world, and men and women of the world at the heart of the Church"

Puebla N. 786; Aparecida N. 209.
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19 Jan, 2021

La Paz (Bolivia), 01/19/2021, Community of Alto Obrajes.- Forty days for life will defeat abortion with prayer and fasting. "Forty Days for Life" is an international campaign in which more than 60 countries are participating. La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia, has formally participated in it for four years and since this year, six more cities joined this campaign.

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05 Jan, 2021

Bogotá (Colombia), 01/05/2020, Community of Usminia.- During this time of pandemic, the doors of our local community in Usminia have been wide open to provide help to the most vulnerable people and families in the south of Bogota, Capital District of Colombia. We have distributed hundreds of food packages, led virtual meetings with groups from the parish, and promoted different actions regarding the prevention of drug abuse and domestic violence. However, we never imagined that boys and girls from our neighborhood would arrive at our doors, by their own initiative, asking eagerly to start as soon as possible, our apostolic activity in person, and to deepen in our spirituality.

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