18 Oct, 2023
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Bagdad (Irak), 10/18/2023, Sr. María Ángeles Flores.- The General Canonical Visitation was carried out from September 16 to October 11, 2023, by Sr. María Escayola, Superior General and Sister Ana Patricia Londoño, counselor.

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12 Oct, 2023
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Jerusalem (Israel), 10/12/2023, Sr. Luz Mery Chaverra Rodríguez.- For us believers, Gospel message always brings joy, encouragement and hope in the midst of many events of this world where we experience anxiety, sadness and depression. In Jerusalem and throughout the land of Israel, we are going through one of those moments when it becomes quite complicated to understand Jesus' promise in John 16:20, "you will be sad, but your sadness will be turned into joy".

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11 Oct, 2023
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Bagdad (Irak), 10/11/2023, Sr. María Ángeles Flores.- The joy that the canonical visit had brought to the Vice-Province of the Middle East was overshadowed by the news of the very unfortunate events in Israel and Palestine, as well as the subsequent declaration of war by the Israeli Prime Minister.

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