04 Mar, 2023
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Medellín (Colombia), 03/04/2023, Sr. Ángela María Vélez Restrepo.- We are celebrating 50 years of missionary presence of the sisters in the Community of Riosucio. A foundation that was born of the missionary spirit and daring of many of our sisters who were able to go beyond the frontiers to answer the call of the Church through Monsignor Pedro Grau and Father Jesús Botero.

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28 Feb, 2023
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Venezuela, 02/28/2023, Sr. Nícida Díaz Leal.- Lent is an opportune time to decide to take seriously our discernment, our life before to the Lord and to our brothers and sisters. God makes it easy for us; but we complicate this itinerary, always looking for escapes from our human horizon, and we get mixed up with the spiritual worldliness that hardens the heart and closes the siege to our divine horizon. It is there that we find the strength and grace to live our conversion experience simply and gracefully.

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10 Feb, 2023
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Barcelona (Spain), 02/10/2023, Sr. Conchi García and Sr. Ana Isabel Pérez.- On February 7, in the community of Bellafila - "Projecte Maria, Reina de la Pau" of Barcelona, took place the presentation of the book "Curar (y cambiar) la Vida Consagrada", written by our Sister Gemma Morató i Sendra and published by Editorial del Perpetuo Socorro.

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