10 Oct, 2023
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Rome (Italy), 10/10/2023, Sr. Rosmery Castañeda, member of the Synod.-Good morning! Today is the first Sunday at the Synodal Assembly and in the Paul VI Hall in Rome. With the Word of God, I would like to express in a few lines what the first eight days of the Synod were like. By the Mercy of God, I can say that these days are wonderful, the meetings that we are experiencing in Church, “the Vine that He planted”.

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05 Oct, 2023
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Roma (Italy), 10/05/2023, Sr. Rosmery Castañeda, member of the Synod.- “In the sound of a gentle breeze.” (1Ki 19:12), in a “sound thread of silence”.

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04 Oct, 2023
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Rome (Italy), 10/08/2023, Sr. Victoria Bălteanu.- We were in a very deep and great moment of prayer during the ecumenical vigil on the eve of the Synod. We are all invited in this synodal time to accompany Pope Francis and all the members of the Synod, of every race, color, culture, religion, in the discovery of unity and peace throughout the world. Pope Francis told us: “in the comforting confidence that we have the Holy Spirit as master, he is the protagonist, the interior master of each one and the master of walking together. He creates variety and unity; He is harmony itself. »

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