12 Mar, 2017
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Camporredondo (Perú), 03/12/2017, Sisters from the Community.- On Ash Wednesday the universal Church began its journey of Lent, a time of grace and conversion. The parish community of Camporredondo (Amazonas-Perú), welcomed enthusiastically the invitation to make a pilgrimage to the mountains where the Cross of Pucho, a significant religious place for the people, is situated.
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11 Mar, 2017
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03/12/2017, Sisters from El Caribe.- We have no words to explain about the visit of the General Government to our Province. The only way to express it is to say “THANK YOU” and then it is left to us to interiorize it. May it motivate us to be attentive to the Holy Spirit who ceaselessly speaks to us and invites us to journey...!
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03 Mar, 2017
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Barcelona (Spain), 03/02/2017, Srs. Gemma Morató and Conchi García.- Certainly our Congregation has created and will continue to create persons of history. Sister Marie Séraphie is one of them. This woman, a Dominican Sister of the Presentation, an artist to the very marrow died on last March 2nd at La Grande Bretèche, Tours (France) at the age of 101 and 76 years of religious profession.
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