16 Aug, 2017
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Bogota (Colombia), 08/05/2017, Sr. Matilde Beltrán Velásquez.- With great joy we witnessed our golden jubilee Sisters who came from the different structures: Aconcagua, Bogotá, Guadalupe and Santafé, get together as a group, review their Life Journey and celebrate the jubilee of their fidelity in Following the Lord.
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05 Aug, 2017
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Beirut (Lebanon), 07/28/2017, Sr. Victoria Balteanu.- The JMJ experience in the Maronite Church of Lebanon was made in three steps: 15th till 18th; 19th till 23rd; and 24th till 26th. The church sent an invitation to the Maronite youth from all around the world, allowing them to reunite with their country.
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03 Aug, 2017
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Morelia (Mexico), 08/02/2017, Sr. Janet Ceja, superior provincial, and Srs. councelors.- For a few months now, we got rolling in Morelia, the Provincial Project House Marie Poussepin, which brings with it many of our hopes. With God’s help, the construction is almost finished and with part of it completed, we are able now to welcome the first new students.

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