10 Jan, 2017
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Barcelona (Spain), 01/11/2017, Srs. Gemma Morató and Conchi García.- From Spain we share a high resolution pdf format for printing, a 2017 table calendar with photos of our Congregation, prepared by the community of Bellafila (Barcelona). Hope you like it. Happy New Year!

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27 Dec, 2016
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Rome (Italy), January 2017, OP.- It is from the celebration of the Chapter of Trogir in 2013 that the idea of a Congress for the Mission of the Order was proposed as an important moment of the Jubilee celebration of the 800 years of the confirmation of the Order in 2016. The Congress will be somewhere between the two dates close to the approval and confirmation of the Order "of preachers": according to the two papal bulls complementary to each other in the confirmation of an Order "of preachers": see that of 22 December 1216 with the confirmation of Honorius III and that of 21 January 1217 which formally designates an "Order of Preachers." 

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22 Dec, 2016
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Rome (Italy), 12/22/2016, Sr. Maria Escayola and Srs. of the General Community.- "For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all people" (Titus 2, 11). Merry Christmas!

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