18 Jun, 2017
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Port-au-Prince (Haiti), 06/18/2017, Sr. María Genoveva Rivera.-After the earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation of the province of Medellín planned to build a house for meetings and retreats in Port-au-Prince, in the service of religious, laity and parishes, among others. This dream became reality from July 2016 when the first stage was put into service with 30 fully equipped single rooms.

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16 Jun, 2017
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Santafe (Colombia), 06/01/2017, María Teresa Buitrago E., Faculty of Nursing; María Stella Rodríguez Arenas, Faculty of Theology; Carlos Eduardo Nieto, Faculty of Architecture and Design.- For more than two years, the “Pontificia Universidad Javeriana” (Xavier’s Pontifical University) has been present in Agua de Dios (water of God) for the development of the Investigation Project titled: "Comprehensive approach to the social structure of the territory of Agua de Dios starting with leprosy as the basic reality".
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15 Jun, 2017
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Medellin (Colombia), 06/14/2017, Sr. Ana Cecilia Villegas.- On June 8, the new mission in the Province of Medellin, “Maison Marie Poussepin” was blessed. It is “A peaceful place to be happy”. It is a 10 floor house with 100 rooms to receive autonomous and independent adults. The celebration was presided over by Monsignor Ricardo Tobón Restrepo, Archbishop of Medellin.

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