28 Oct, 2020
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Dourdan (France), 28/10/2020, Dourdan Community.- The month of October has always had a flavor of the "Presentation family" as it celebrates the feast of Our Mother Foundress, Marie Poussepin. In this "Year of Grace" for the 25th anniversary of her beatification, for our local community this has a very special meaning as we have the blessing to live in her birth house in Dourdan France.

Those who make up the community of this year 2020, we have already lived for nine months in the birthplace of our foundress, where each of the places tells us about her life, her family, her neighbors, the friends, the young, the sick ... of that time. Today it also allows us to reflect on the current reality of the world, of the Church, of the Congregation and of our community in Dourdan, to pray, to contemplate and to project all that this House of Dourdan reveals to us in the mission that the Congregation has entrusted to us. It is here that the project "of the worker of Providence" began in the simplicity of an authentic Christian life committed to her parish.

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27 Oct, 2020
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Barcelona (Spain), 10/27/2020, Srs. Gemma Morató and Conchi García.- It is with great joy that we share with you a part of the beatification ceremony of Marie Poussepin and the Angelus of that historic November 20, 1994, when Pope John Paul II beatified Marie Poussepin. Enjoy this memory!

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25 Oct, 2020
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Perico (Cuba), 25/10/2020, Sr. Gladis Rodriguez Estepa.- For those who wish to get to know Blessed Marie Poussepin, foundress of the Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin. Within the framework of the celebration of 25 years of grace for: The Beatification of Marie Poussepin, "Social Apostle of Charity", carried out in Rome on November 20, 1994, by Saint John Paul II, receive my warm greetings.

I give a brief overview of the life of Marie Poussepin 1653 -1744: She was born in Dourdan, France, on October 14, 1653 and she was baptized the same day she was born. She grew up in a Christian family where faith, work and commitment were profound. Her father Claude Poussepin and her mother Julienne Fourrier were owners of the silk-stocking factory, work with which they earned their living. As a child, Marie Poussepin accompanied her mother to the charitable services of the parish and there she drank the spirit of charity which was the driving force of her life.

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