16 Oct, 2020
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Bogotá (Colombia), 10/16/2020, Sr. María del Carmen Avellaneda Navas.- Celebrating Marie Poussepin as a path of charity in solidarity call us to come closer to her with the eyes of those who contemplate, reflect, appropriate and make reality through commitment of their life, that which by Grace they have been able to assimilate and welcome into their own heart.

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14 Oct, 2020
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Mysore (India), 10/14/2020, The postulants’ Community.- We wish everyone a very Happy Feast of Blessed Marie Poussepin during this year of grace for her Beatification. Through this video, the postulants and the sisters show their various activities at home, involvement in the parish (liturgy preparation, youth, women), visiting the poor, teaching the children etc. while the following hymn to Our Mother Foundress is being sung.

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12 Oct, 2020
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Santiago (Chile), 10/12/2020, Sr. Licarayen Torres Muñoz.- About 10 years ago, when I was still at my parents' house dreaming of doing what I wanted, with the brave imagination of my first youth, I met a group of young missionaries who, without knowing it, would change my life. I remember that, at that time, I did not have such a direct relationship with the Church and my dreamy pursuits were going through the paths of the students who decidedly paralyzed the country to cry out for a different education, for a just education for all.

This community of missionaries showed me a hitherto unknown horizon, they introduced me to a woman who, although she lived so long ago, had something in common: the poor also deserve a chance and it is worth risking one's life for it. The missionary community Presentation of Chile and Argentina showed Marie Poussepin to me, in their actions and in their words, they brought me to the congregation and helped me to understand how significant my meeting with our foundress would be.

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