06 Oct, 2020
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Santiago (Chile),10/06/2020, Sr. Carmen Leonor Cortés Cortés.- 25 YEARS AFTER THE BEATIFICATION ... Faced with this event, the saying comes true: “remembering is living”. Go through the heart again, that which marked our life. How do I remember the “Beatification” event today? Easy to feel, difficult to express. Talking about this experience is like wanting to pour a bottle of wine into a small glass ...

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04 Oct, 2020
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Barcelona (Spain), 04/10/2020, Commission of the Year of Grace.- From the beginning Marie Poussepin has put her work at the service of the Church. She wants it to be perpetuated and extended "so that the sisters may bring to wherever they are called the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his mysteries" (Original Vision). In the context of this Year of Grace that we are celebrating, we present this Video/PowerPoint that shows the missionary expansion of the Congregation from its beginning to the present day. It is designed to be explained by someone as the PowerPoint unfolds.

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03 Oct, 2020
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Ouagadougou (Africa), 10/03/2020, Sr. Blandine Kiendrebeogo and Sr. Pélagie Kabore.- We would like to share with you our interview with the aspirants from the Ouagadougou region. During this year in the Vice-Province of Africa the camp for aspirants was organized by region. 

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